Different Styles Of Wedding Photography


Yola photography has become an essential element in modern celebrations including wedding events. It is one of the best ways to preserve and evoke memories of your beautiful day even long after its gone. Couples are always looking for the best photographer who will capture a mixture of joy, laughter, and love emotions on their day. This is why you require the services of a professional photographer on this day. These experts have the right knowledge, tools, lighting techniques and creativity to deliver the best results. Remember photography is an art, so you need an experienced person who understands different photography styles to get the best out of your day.

Overview of Different Wedding Photography Styles

  • Traditional Style
    This type of photography requires great expertise and regular intervention from your photographer for the best results. The wedding photographer acts like a movie director who continually arranges the couple and guests into groups to create scenes that correspond to a set of traditional images. The photographer also works with strict timelines, capturing particular shots at specific moments. While most modern couples do not go for this style, some duos prefer the vintage-like concept which never goes out of date.
  • Creative Style
    The name says it all- there are no limits to the kind of pictures you take. Different wedding photographers have different levels of creativity, abilities and speciality in capturing images. It is therefore important to check a photographer’s portfolio to ensure their creative collection is appropriate for your day or not.
  • Modern or contemporary Wedding Photography
    In this style, the photographer uniquely records your day. They look up for beautiful backgrounds and adjust lighting to produce stylish images. It brings together a considerable amount of photography skills and a masterful vision of individual styles. The photographer uses abnormal cameral points to capture phenomenal pictures. The results can be one of a kind especially if you hire a skilled contemporary photographer for the job.
  • Narrative or filmy style
    Filmy photography requires a high level of creativity and skills, which can be aired to wedding shows or other programmes. In this style, the wedding photographer remains in the background, and in most cases, people do not realise his presence. He does not reorganise the couples or guests but is keen to capture the best moments as they come. Photographers who capture weddings events in a narrative style have special artistic qualities.
  • Prenup Photography
    Prenup photography is a relatively new style. It comprises off taking prenup photos of the duo set to be joined in holy matrimony. Professional wedding photographers organise creative photo sessions depending on the couple’s budget. The duo can choose romantic locations or beautiful scenery such as architectural or historical landmarks, lakes and beaches. The place of choice should provide a perfect background for artistic shots. The pictures are then edited and compiled and can be used for making amazing video clips which are shown to the guests in one of the pre-wedding functions or receptions reception.